More commands

Getting help

  1. !sweetShort help for simple tasks
  2. !sweet backlogShort help for backlog and multiple tasks
  3. !sweet helpFull help

Tasks (simple)

  1. !task Tidy upCreates an active task "Tidy up" on the Task List
  2. !doneMarks your active task as done
  3. !rename Buy groceriesRenames your active task to "Buy groceries"
  4. !removeRemoves your active task

Multiple tasks

  1. !now Tidy upCreates an active task "Tidy up" on the Task List
  2. !later Buy groceriesCreates a task "Buy groceries" in your backlog
  3. !backlogShows all tasks in your backlog
  4. !now 2Puts 2nd task from backlog on Task List
  5. !now skipSkips current task and gets next from backlog
  1. 💡 Be sure to read the bot's responses when using these commands!
    ➡ They always tell you what to do! ✨

Personal timers

  1. 💡 You can have your own little pomo timer on the Task List!
  1. !pomo 30 StudyCreates a 30 min timer "Study"
  2. !pomo 30/10/3 Study sessionCreates full pomo set "Study session"
  3. !sweet pomoShows help for personal timers

Advanced commands

  1. !soon Buy groceriesCreates task at front of backlog
  2. !later Tidy up; Buy groceriesCreates multiple tasks
  3. 💡 Creating multiple tasks also works with !now and !soon
  4. !done 2Marks 2nd backlog task done
  5. !done 2; 4; 5Marks multiple backlog tasks done
  6. !done nextMarks active task done & fetches next task
  7. !mytasksShows active task + backlog in compact form

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