About super_sweet_bot

What is it?

  1. super_sweet_bot is a full co-working bot for Twitch, including:
  2. ✨ A Task List with a huge amount of features:
    • Simple commands for beginners
    • Advanced commands for managing multiple tasks
    • Personal timers for everybody
    • More features than could be listed here 😅
  3. ✨ A Pomodoro Timer
  4. ✨ Many, many more features

Who is this for?

  1. Consider using super_sweet_bot if this applies to you:
  2. 🌟 You want a full-featured co-working bot
  3. 🌟 You want something that is very easy to set up
    • The setup is designed to be very beginner-friendly.
    • Just add a single browser source, and you are done 🙂
  4. 🌟 You want widgets that look beautiful right out of the box
  5. 🌟 You want a bot that is very ADHD-friendly

How to get it?

  1. If all this sounds interesting to you, consider joining the Patreon:
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Special thanks to the wonderful co-working community on Twitch!

Happy co-working! 💜